FAST TRACK EIN FUNDING: Your EIN is your Employer Identification Number. It's like the Social Security Number for your Business, which is also issued by the IRS. This program has NO upfront COST and NO MINIMUM TIME IN BUSINESS is required. Funds up to $150k and great for Startups. If you don't have your EIN yet, we can assist you in obtaining one. The accounts ONLY REPORTS UNDER YOUR BUSINESS CREDIT and not under you SSN. This is great for keeping your personal debt-to-income (DTI) ratio down on your personal credit file and still be able to operate your business. 

ORGANIC BUSINESS CREDIT BUILDING: We can help you setup and build your Business Credit from scratch to 80+ PAYDEX score. Your business has a PAYDEX score just like your personal credit has a FICO score. Having 80+ PAYDEX is like having 720+ FICO. The organic business credit building DOES NOT REQUIRE you to have a 680 FICO like the fast track above. All you need is a little patience because it take a little longer but the wait is WORTH it one hundred percent. 

PERSONAL CREDIT and FUNDING: Personal Credit Optimization requires ZERO upfront cost. NO money upfront and NO monthly fees. We use provisions by law to remove negative items that is dragging you down. If needed, we also help you legally obtain new credit lines from lenders and vendors that do not look at your low credit scores because they know you are a better human that your score shows on a computer. These additional accounts in your name will give you an immediate boost and get you ready for thousands of dollars in funding. And yes, you can go use your new found elite credit score to do other things like buy a new house or car with zero or low interest rate. SIGNUP HERE to get started. This program has NO signup fee. 

FAQ: Most of the Frequently Asked Questions have been answered in the videos on this website. Please, watch ALL the videos before calling or emailing with any other questions that you may have. 


It is impossible to give a funding timeline without first reviewing your individual situation. The best way forward is to start by using the related signup form on this website and someone will reach out to you. We are here to help get you where you need to be financially. We treat each client's situation unique because it is. Leverage our time and expertise to accomplish your financial goal. 


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